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Bellas Nikolaos & Son - Founded in1872

Our company and factory were founded in 1872. Ever since, we manufacture bells, chandeliers, candelabra, ecclesiastical equipment and church supplies. What is important is that we are not just dealers, but we own the oldest bell and chandelier foundry in Greece. Our experience, acquired over more than 139 years, has established our unquestionable expertise.

Nowadays we run the only factory in Greece that manufactures all the above products through all stages of production from stock to finishing. We are always at your disposal to show you our exhibition and answer any questions you may have regarding the supply of Religious Articles and Bells. Please, do not hesitate to contact us at any time to get immediate responses as well as highly favourable offers.

We emphasize that we are not dealers, but the oldest bell and chadelier foundry with 220 years of experience.


  • Chandeliers – Byzantine Bronze
  • Candelabra with smoke absorption
  • Temple Lights
  • Church Bells
  • Bell ringing systems
  • Church Clocks
  • Cleaning – Care – Polishing of old Chadeliers end every bronze – copper surface.
  • Silver plate – Golden late – Metal coating to all metals
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